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the Butterfly Loom
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Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Which color - which yarn shall I use today. My mind was boggling as I ran my fingers through my great stash. I pulled out a ball of yarn with its many and varied colors and created my first motif using the small Board. The colors were so pretty I decided I would do a little crochet around the Motif, and ofcourse as you know my expertise here is very limited - so I decided I would do 1 or 2 rows of my specialty which is 3 treble into each set of loops and 3 treble 3 chain 3 treble into each corner set of loops.

Then I chose these colors, and something amazing happened - my Afghan just kept growing! Then I decided I would create small motifs around the outside, and because it was taking so long for me to crochet - I happen to like instant gratification, I decided to create a large Motif in the centre. Well that was so quick and easy I couldn't understand why I hadn't make them all large - but then I wanted variation. I must add here this Afghan was made with bits and pieces I found in my Stash. Find a yarn you love, and keep adding colors to it - you will be amazed.

Then I decided I should name this Afghan. It was the night of the Full Moon and you know what sometimes happens, all kinds of weird and wonderful things, and to add to the excitement it was a Lunar Moon so I kept running outside to check on the color of the Moon. Around 9pm when I went out to have one more peek, I looked up and Heavens Above - Colors of a Lunar Moon.

Star gazers across Australia witnessed a total lunar eclipse, which occurs when the sun, earth and the moon line up. The lunar eclipse had turned the moon 'coppery pink' and given my new
Afghan a great name. 'Colors of a Lunar Moon'

1 comment:

  1. Hello,
    I just purchased a bunch of looms I am waiting for them in the mail.
    But just had to tell you this afghan is Gerogous,simply georgous!!I cannot wait to play with my Butterfly looms in the future...
    Wonderful name of afghan too...
    Smiles Theresa