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Sunday, January 23, 2011

FLOODS - the rain came down - the floods came up

Sorry I've been away from my Blog, but we have terrible floods here in Queensland.  Thanks to all the folk that emailed to make sure we are OK.  Yes, we are, we have a River at the back of us, and somehow the Gold Coast missed out on all the rain.  Just hope our turn doesn't come.  This is a picture of our River taken about 6 one morning, creeping up!
The picture of the road was taken when we were having 4" rain/hour.

Spring Bluff - one of my favourite spots,
we use to take the children here to ride on the Train...

Look at it now


I just can't even begin to imagine what all the families are going through after being devastated by this evil flood.  I feel guilty not knowing what to do to help.  It's OK to give money and clothing and material things, but I think a lot of us feel bad because we can't give them back their houses, we can't give them back their loved ones, and when I look around today, the sky is a bright blue, with not a cloud in sight, and trees are shiny bright green and the birds are singing, and it is hard to imagine that only a few days ago so much devastation and wreckage was happening around us.

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