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the Butterfly Loom
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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Oh you should have been here this morning!
We get up around 5:30, my husband called me outside
"Quick, run out here and bring the camera and DON'T YELL"
Hanging half down from our roof was a SNAKE with a rat with its tail still swishing, disappearing into the Snake's mouth.  I took a photo, and ran back inside and locked the doors.  The picture is very blurry and my Grandkids will be disappointed.  Then a little bit later I ventured out and saw the beauty of a very still, peaceful morning.

These are so pretty, not sure what they are called, but I will look it up.

I know this is called the Sandpaper plant, and it is a climber.

Then I swung my camera down to the River and I saw what I thought was a bright light of some kind, then I realized it was the sun just coming up and shining on a Palm, and I kinda wanted the whole world to see it.  Happy I saw all the beautiful things in Nature, dulled the snake imagine - but then some folks would have loved to have witnessed that - not this little duck!
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