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Thursday, June 9, 2011


Dear Seini,
You have been coming to our
Group for a few weeks, on and off,
you can hardly speak English, but you just sit and watch what we are doing, and if we ask you something you just smile.
I had seen you with balls of yarn
in your basket once, and yesterday
you were sitting next to me and I 
looked down and saw something
peeking out of your bag, and asked
you if you had made a Throw.  It was
so neatly rolled, and you nodded "yes"
and when you took it out, we nearly
fainted.  We had no idea you had been working on this.You even crochet the squares together with 3 chain to each like we are.  Just amazing, and we are so proud of you.  Seini - you did all this by just watching.  Amazing!  The colours on
here don't show the true colour, but they are a mixture of different textures in bright purples and lime green, and then crochet together with turquoise and a colourful Flurry.
I wish I could have captured the look on everyone's face as your Throw unfolded.  Thankyou Seini for the inspiration and creativity you have given us.

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