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Monday, October 17, 2011


I just sat and stared at  the screen in disbeliefI clicked onto "Butterfly Patterns & Pictures" and the whole file is gone, just gone.  I looked and looked again, and wanted to run away.  I had done nothing to my Computer except an update had helped itself the night before.  I had a bright idea I could fix it, so very cleverly found the file and tried to fix it, and now, guess what - I've got pictures everywhere!!  The Computer man is coming next week and I know he can fix it.  In the meantime I just keep looking at this space, hoping and praying a miracle will happen and it will all be back just like it was!  How can "stuff" just disappear when I didn't even touch anything.  If anyone says "things like this make you stronger" that's rubbish too!  It took me nearly a day to find these 2 photos, how can that make me stronger?   I have lots more to show you, but that will be soon, when the Magician comes and flicks his fingers and my file re-appears!

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