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the Butterfly Loom
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be creative - wrap a knot a little magic!

Monday, May 11, 2009


Daisies that can be made for Better Homes and Gardens Throw - see link below...
The Daisy created on the Baby Butterfly Loom OR the Small Butterfly Loom can be substituted for the Daisy made with the Knitwit tool. Although they will not be the same they look very effective.
Go to the next post "Better Homes and Gardens 2", and see a quick video of how to create the Daisy made on the Small Butterfly Loom.

Wrap Baby Butterfly Loom twice..

Bring the small square in the centre together

Stitch through each petal

When each petal
is stitched tie
off and snip yarn

Slide arm at the back
of the Butterfly Loom to
release Daisy Motif.

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