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Thursday, May 28, 2009


I feel so happy. There is nothing like the feeling of
bringing happiness to other people. I sent a few Looms
to the Canberra Blind Society and received a lovely
"thankyou" letter back from them together with this
picture of one of the members who was able to use
the Looms. This is a picture of her with the scarf she

created on the Small Loom, and not only that she sent
me a beautiful red scarf that she had made, and in her
letter wrote "I would like you to have the scarf that I have
made for you as a gift of thanks". I will treasure that red
scarf forever.

Part of the letter from the CBS reads "The Looms are

providing to be very popular with the members of the
Canberra Blind Society Craft Group. The simple design
and tacticle nature of the Loom makes it easy for people
who are blind or vision impaired to use."

Thank you CBS, I hope the Looms bring many, many

more hours of enjoyment to your members. Spotlight
were only too happy to send you yarn, and really
appreciated your letter of thanks.

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